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Who is ink816?
    ink816 is the webmaster of 3 sites dedicated to models. 
    He started building a site for Raica Oliveira last August 16, 2001. It was a great idea since there were no sites dedicated to the Brazilian model yet. He received contributions from people who were willing to help. Most of these were scans from various publications, as well as info. This meant a big deal for him because he does not have a scanner nor fashion magazines to scan. Some of the contributors became good friends of his. Carol is his best friend on the net. She has helped him not only by generously sending scans, but by giving him moral support as well being there as a friend. Aesthete has done a lot, too, in terms of contributions for all 3 sites. She is one good friend he could truly depend on. 

    As he found fascination in building sites once again, he began to create an unofficial site for Isabeli Fontana, also a Brazilian model. That was on September 24 of the same year. He met a lot of Isabeli fans on's Model forum. Here, he met a new friend, Lola. She sends scans of Isabeli every now and then, as well as updates on the model. Receiving feedback from people from around the globe motivated him to build another site. 

    On October 24, 2001, the Unofficial Liisa Winkler Site was built. Why did he build a site dedicated to her? One day, he visited the Model forum and discovered that there a lot of Liisa fans out there searching for a web site dedicated to her. That was his "go signal". Creating web pages for models who do not have sites yet is an enjoyable task for him. It became one of his hobbies. With the help of his netpals, he was able to come up with this site. 

    ink816 is from WA, USA. He is a college student taking up communication.   

This site was created and is maintained by ink816.